Citizens of the world, unconstrained by geography
Who is YPO Global One

The Global One Chapter is an international community of CEOs, committed to sharing experiences, knowledge and meaning – in business, in community and within the family unit.

Our members enjoy a flexible and dynamic opt-in Chapter Experience with in-person access to a worldwide network of peers—and the added benefit of best-in-class virtual tools and the common goal of delivering innovation and value. We connect with more colleagues in more places than any other chapter, both in person and virtually. Our phenomenal network allows us to experience different regions’ cultures and business practices through Global One Experiential Events, Membership Networks, and Forums—truly broadening our worldview.

The Global One Chapter of YPO is reinventing the Chapter Paradigm, forging new ways to connect in a global economy. We are dedicated to the intellectual, personal, and business growth of our members—all without borders.

The Global One Exclusive

Flexibility and Understanding your needs: Membership in Global One does not require attendance at monthly chapter meetings. We realize that our global members have busy travel schedules and family obligations. Global One members enjoy flexibility and choose among a virtual experience, regional dinners, and in-person events and trips. We also support many active, local in-person and virtual Forums in cities around the world for both members and their spouses or partners.

Unified by our diversity and the vision of being the best we can be.

Global One, the only Chapter with a truly global membership.

Progressive Forum Experience

We provide the most flexible Forum experience in all of YPO. We offer traditional in-person Forums, in-person regional Forums, a hybrid of in-person/virtual Forums, and purely virtual Forums, all at intervals that suit you, the member! This allows your Forum experience to be flexible and as diverse as your chapter in terms of business and geography.

Experiential Learning

Our membership dues are a great value when compared to the quality of experiential learning on offer. Our members travel as they see fit to attend chapter events, regional dinners, meetings, and exclusive Experiential Learning Adventures to places like the Amazon Rainforest, Patagonia, Bhutan, and Haiti.

Virtual Learning Program

Leveraging development in technology, the Chapter focuses on building community and connectivity with an annual Virtual Learning series, featuring world-class experts (including YPOers) providing “Only-in-YPO” insights in personal and professional growth.

“My Global One experience has kept me grounded, well informed and raised my awareness on every level – the Chapter raises my game all year, every year. The international network stimulates creativity in problem solving, finding alternative best practices and refreshes my mind and soul.” – Devlin Fenton CEO, Surespan

“Global One is a great platform for me to participate in the parts of YPO that I find the most relevant. I am able to really dig into networks in particular. Because I know what I have to offer, and what I’m looking for, Global One gives me incredible flexibility.” – Buddy Teaster CEO, Soles4Souls

“Global One allows me to take advantage of everything that YPO has to offer while I focus on my global business, international networking and travel schedule. Global One allows me to not only interact with other chapter members located around the world, but also take advantage of the best local events that are offered to Global One members.” - Robert Grimes CEO & President, IFBTA

Prospective Members – Find out why Global One is the most flexible, forward-thinking and dynamic Chapter in all of YPO.
The Core and Distinguishing Principals of YPO Are Clear

We are a community of peer leaders; committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange; while fostering a safe haven of trust, respect and confidentiality for our community.