Why Global One

We provide the most flexible and dynamic chapter experience possible. Membership in Global One does not require attendance at monthly chapter meetings. Realizing that our global members have busy travel schedules, we offer quarterly Regional Dinners. Additionally, by not meeting monthly face-to-face, we can offer our members exclusive experiential trips to such places as the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, Bhutan and Haiti. Learn more about our 2016 Member Trip – the Festival of Inspiration – in Bangalore, India.

We deliver the most global and diverse chapter experience. Our members have the most diversity in terms of both geography and industry segments. As such, we do not have the business diversity or membership cap constraints of other local chapters. If your business is truly global in scope, then Global One is for you.

We understand financial and time demands. Our membership dues are in line with expectations for all virtual Chapters, offering great value based on the additional features, benefits and access your Global One Membership will allow – including an appreciation of your time, allowing you to schedule your YPO experience around your specific needs.

Worldwide Membership

Our Membership includes hundreds of members and dozens of countries, with all their cultures, religions, business practices and technologies. As a single Chapter we tap into the entire Thought Leadership of the Membership, extending your network instantly around the world.

Worldwide Events

See the world with YPO Global One. Whether business or pleasure, with colleagues or family, get exclusive access to the wonders of the world on a schedule that suits you.

World-class Leadership

Whether virtual, local or global, Chapter Learning Programs give members and their families’ access to the knowledge they need to be better leaders, better community members and better individuals. Through exclusive relationships with the world’s top business schools, corporations and global leaders, any YPO Learning event will bring them the latest, unfiltered information they need to stay way ahead in the world.

Worldwide Networks

From Industry Specific Networks to Social Enterprise Networks, from Father-Son Relationship Groups to Bleeding-Edge Technology Groups, the Global One Networks access will get you into “Only-in-YPO” conversations, discussions and sharing environments. This is how YPOers truly customize their Experience.

Interested in joining us?
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